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#06 Baby Seat

You want to go on a ride with your child, with a baby seat, it's now possible.
Max load 20kg (suitable for child transport only, Becarefull, this product is not compatible with E-bike)

This description is provided for information only, Albion Cycles can replace this product by another.


Duration *0,5 Jour1 Jour2 Jours3 Jours4 Jours5 Jours6 Jours7 JoursJour supplémentaire
Rates on shop10€ 16€ 25€ 36€ 45€ 54€ 63€ 71€ 8€
Rates on Web10€ 16€ 25€ 36€ 45€ 54€ 63€ 71€ 8€

* Demi-jour 8h30-13h ou 14h-18h30
Premier jour début 8h30
Dernier jour fin 18h30